French Foreign Legion Desert Model 2nd Regiment Legion Etrangere #4115


French Foreign Legion Desert Model

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Sideshow French Foreign Legion figure from 19th Century Beau Geste era = Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. This is the second one I have. The figure has the rarer blonde hair rather than the previous dark hair.

Sideshow Toys No. 4115

Brotherhood of Arms 2nd Regiment Legion Etrangere #4115

Bought from collection
Figure New, Box has scuffing and compression damage. (Too heavy items stacked, cracked the print job)

The French Foreign Legionnaire Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Over 30 points of      articulation
  • Historically accurate and      completely authentic FFL blue outfit including Double-breasted Overcoat,      White Linen Trousers, Leather Boots, Kepi with Havelock, Blue Waist Sash,      Leather Belt, Buckle and Y-Straps
  • Incredibly realistic      accessories and weapons including Lebel Rifle, Epee Bayonette & Frog,      Ammo Pouches, Haversack, 2-liter Water Bottle, Mess Tin and Shelter Half

Figurine Sideshow 2nd Regiment Foreign Legion Collectible 12 “Figure

Dimension of the object : box 

Height    : 8,3                  

Width   : 23 cm                   

Length   : 35,8

Height of the figurine   : About 30 cm

Limited Edition of 1750

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